What is a Hilltrac?

Hilltrac is a passenger transit system that uses lithium-ion electric vehicle technology and runs on a monorail track.

The Hilltrac APM is engineered to perform vertical and horizontal curves while traversing virtually any topography.

The transport cabin offers an enjoyable, relaxed ride, keeping passengers comfortable by anticipating gradient changes, countering horizontal forces and keeping the cabin level, even while climbing or descending steeply.

Who Uses Hilltrac Transportation?

Hilltrac is a transit system for the commercial, industrial and private industries.
It has been developed as an ADA compatible people mover and accessible for elderly patrons.

As Hilltrac is an automated, self-operated transport, it offers a sense of freedom and ease that can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The patented Hilltrac APM is engineered and fabricated in the USA.