System Features

How is a Hilltrac operated?

As Hilltrac is automated and self-operated, this transport system offers a sense of freedom and ease that can perform twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. At a terminal, the transport cabin access can be commanded using a key fob, room key, or keypad, and is ADA compatible and accessible for elderly patrons.

Cabin layout and designs

Transport cabins will accommodate six to fifteen passengers or can be configured for goods and freight. Seating and cabin interiors are equipped either for high-use and durability or as luxury interiors. Increasing passenger or cargo capacity is as easy as adding additional vehicles.

Terminal options

Terminal enclosures for the entrance/exit gateways of the Hilltrac cabin can accommodate designs for heavy traffic functionality to elegant accommodations.

What are its additional safety features?

The system has twin drives for safety and redundancy allowing the vehicle to return home if a fault should occur. Other features are deployable twin mechanical over-speeds and fail-safe track brakes that will spring-apply and hydraulically release in the case of an emergency.