Green Technology

How is the Hilltrac Powered?

Lithium-ion batteries, an electric car technology, power the Hilltrac drive.

More technically, the system operates on 24-volt lithium-ion high-power density battery module, wired in a series to accommodate any power demand, typically 48v or 96v. The drive motors are three-phase AC induction motors for power, reliability, and efficiency.

The passenger cabin has a mechanical drive via a cycloid-shaped rack and cam roller sprocket for safety and performance.

The vehicle utilizes regenerative braking to maintain speed while descending or decelerating, allowing the system to self- charge, recouping a percentage of used energy and placing a demand on the brake only during a holding phase. Recharging is accomplished via an electric charge rail located at the terminals for up to 600 amps, allowing the system virtually continuous operation. This engineering design also permits power to be located at only one terminal.

What is the travel experience?

The transport cabin is engineered to offer an enjoyable, relaxed ride. The passengers are comfortable as the system anticipates gradient changes, counters horizontal forces and keeps the cabin level, even while climbing or descending steeply. The monorail track undulates smoothly along any topography.

Where is it engineered and manufactured?

The patented Hilltrac APM is engineered and fabricated using the latest in robotics and manufacturing technology at the Hilltrac/Skytrac headquarters in the USA, an OEM facility.