Alan Hepner

From: Murray UT . Lives in a 90 acre tree farm in Rexford, MT.

Family: Married to Claudia, has seven children, has cats, a dog, two horses and a couple hermit crabs.

Alan is a Skier.

BS in Civil Engineering, University of Utah

Do you remember The Kid who could repair your pocket calculator in high school?
That was Alan Hepner
It’s true.
And then built a profitable business out of it? That’s true too.

Another interesting fact about Alan is that he built the last three Thiokol’s in 1977, then drove the excess inventory to the new CTEC facility. He was Employee #7 on the CTEC payroll following Jan Leonard, Mark Ballantyne, Paul Elhert, Sharon VanOsdol, Wade Helton, and a salesman in Salt Lake whose name he can’t remember.

Alan dedicated 17 years to Garaventa-CTEC working through the ranks of Service Manager, Construction Foreman and Design Engineer. During this time he met his future partner David Metivier who Alan found to be a sharp guy and a fast learner. Through a new CTEC lift installation, he had also gotten to know the Skylling family over at Seven Springs where another future partner, Carl, would evolve.

In 1994 Alan founded Pinetree Engineering—a firm that provides services involved with engineering and designing—and where Alan also served as an inspector and educationist. In 2005, he co-founded Hilltrac residential and commercial hillside elevator systems with David Metivier. In 2008, Alan became one of the Principals for Skytrac Lifts, Inc along with Jan Leonard, David Metivier and Carl Skylling.

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